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Sweetpotato Varieties

Sweetpotato varieties we grow

Beauregard a bushy, vine-type sweet potato, which has rose-colored skin with light, moist, orange flesh. It resists cracking and has an excellent yield with a shorter (90 days) growing season.

Carolina Ruby has dark red skin with an orange, moist flesh. This vine-type variety produces good yeilds with excellent shape. Great tasting variety with an intermediate growing season of 95 - 100 days.

Tainong 65 (T65) a vigorous variety, grows well in cooler temperatures. Produces good sized white fleshed tubers with a plum skin (similiar to the South African Bush Bok). Growing season of about 120 days

O'Henry a relative of the Beauregard this bushy, white skinned, vine type variety has the same growing characteristics. Good yield with short growing season of 90 to 95 days.

Molokai Purple a vigorous vine variety producing a good yield of purple fleshed tubers. Growing season of about 120 days.

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